Welcome to Brown Owl Kindergarten

Starting kindergarten can be a new, and a challenging time, for your child or children. This website will help you find, all the information about our:

About us

We are one of twenty kindergartens, who operate, under the umbrella of the Rimutaka Kindergarten Association (RKA) in the Early Childhood Sector.

We are located in Upper Hutt, New Zealand. Established in 1976 to allow children, age three and four to:

We provide various, manipulative materials, and activities, to motivate your child, to learn the language, and vocabulary of:

We are a great team of six, we offer a safe, comfortable, and secure environment, we are:

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Our Philosophy

Emma singing with the children

The philosophy of our programme is developing a collabrative learning community.

Privotal to whakawhanaungatanga (the process of getting to know each other) by:

We encourage, and invite, parents, and or guardians, to participate in our programme.

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Play is a very important, and a special part, of childhood. We allow children to:

Playing with products, made especially for preschool children, helps:

For the growth of eye to hand coordination, we allow, natural things around them:

Brown Owl Kindergarten, allows children, to explore new friendships, with those they communicate with.

Children must be provided with early literacy, awareness, and intervention, in order to perform better in the future.

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When your child starts kindergarten, we provide a portfolio book and regularly assess your child or children, by using:

You can view your childs or childrens, portfolio at kindergarten, and add any comments.

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